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Re: Random Questions

Postby Herman Von Salza » Sat Apr 16, 2016 8:35 am

Wow, its been three years since my previous question. Time flies.

Anyway looked over the thread and Beren is right the logging in needs to be less complicated. Either make both case sensitive or both non case sensitive (my vote for the second).

But the other thing I wanted to ask about. Is contacting other players. I really think there should be ways of contacting players other than through email. Ie. Within almansur. I realize why you can not check who is who during a game. It annoyed me at firs but I think it is a good idea, no vendettas etc. But sometimes people prefer to cooperate, play within the same group etc. Then they can contact each other outside of the game and check details for it. Too much?

Also, looking forward to the new version of the game. When do you expect to update?

Ps: on the FB page you have a screenshot of the spain scenario map with a large chunk of France, screenshot from 2014 when is the map going to come in use?

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Re: Random Questions

Postby psantos » Sun Dec 04, 2016 10:35 pm

Hi Herman,

You raise important issues. This forum had a lot of activity before it moved to this form, and now has very little activity, even when the game is more active. It has to do in part with the login issue, and we must try to resolve this before the next launch!

Contacting players is also an important issue, but I do not know if we will be able to do an internal chat in the next version. But note that the alliance forum can serve almost as a chat, and you can exchange there skype names for chatting, for instance.

Updates regarding the new version of the game were sent today :)

The image you refer is from our biggest scenario "Western Europe 1135". It is still under construction (One needs to add Italy, England and the North Africa) but the current version was played two or three times before. It needs around dedicated 50 players.


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