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News Update

Postby psantos » Mon Aug 15, 2011 6:58 pm

I just realized that we have not given news in such a long time, that people may imagine the project dead. In fact, we are working on finishing the new version. This version incorporates hundreds of changes at all levels of the game, from the engine to the webpages. Some of the changes that are already being tested:

-New system to subscribe Historical Games - You will not have to wait that a game is full and can start to play immediately;

-New version of the Dynamical maps generator, with more interesting terrain features

-New economic efficiency system based on distance to capital instead of the old total territories system. Now capital placement is crucial, the game promotes intelligent expansion.

- New Population behaviors: Gone are the outlaws/lawful division. Now happiness is an instant property of a population influenced by several factors including wars, overpopulation, distance to the capital and compatibility between the race/culture of the leader and the populations. Loyalty tends normaly to the happiness level, but can be influenced by the presence of military force or diplomatic changes. Unhappy and Unloyal populations can revolt.

In the military field

- it is possible now for garrisons to leave and enter fortresses, which turns fortresses into a much interesting facility.

- We removed the infamous "Battle -> rest" lock

-Food is now consumed at the end of the month, as already happened with gold, and recruiting costs now food, to avoid suicide tactics.

- There were done lots of balance adjustments in the available forces and their costs.

These are just some of the things we have been working on. There are much more coming...

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