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Almansur Strategy Guide!

Postby Woah » Sat Oct 31, 2009 4:17 pm

Been giving a few shots at writing about my experiences and the way I see the game be played, and going to be posting a few topics about Almansur strategy, feel free to comment and add your own opinion!

Starting with 3 "commandments" of Almansur strategy:

1) “The economy commandment”: Always check for what facilities can be built or upgraded on each every turn; especially after conquering new territories in the start, it is crucial that facilities that exploit the natural resources of a territory and the upkeep resources (food and gold, obtained through farms and gold mines / cities through population taxes) are built as soon as possible.

2) “The military commandment”: Never bite more than you can chew, an army you can’t pay / feed will revolt and become useless and going to war with an enemy/alliance much stronger than yours will most of the times result in your quick defeat. Plan your conquests ahead of time and make sure to have as strong (through upgraded ironworks) and as big (without it consuming more food or gold than you receive per turn) an army as possible before declaring war on other countries and always double-check the orders for your armies before the end of turn.

3) “The diplomatic commandment”: Always try and get into friendly pacts / alliances with other players as soon as possible, a lone player is an easy pick for an alliance, and the best way to win an Almansur game is to work together with other players towards the elimination or weakening of other stronger players while strenghtening yourself with their territories! To achieve this when you are just starting, accepting good advice from other players when you are given some is a great way to have a lot of fun and evolve your skills!

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