Conquering Territories: How to be Almansur’s Ghengis Khan

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Conquering Territories: How to be Almansur’s Ghengis Khan

Postby Woah » Sat Oct 31, 2009 4:45 pm

When conquering territories, splitting up your forces in your to maximize territories won per turn is a great way to get a head start on the beginning of the game or when attacking an unsuspecting player.

Just be aware that the counter-attack you will suffer will most likely be most devastating as your armies are spread and at a very low status in enemy territory, so be sure to have powerful allies to back you up while your armies recover in the turn(s) after the stunt.

Splitting is the most effective way to conquer territories when no opposition is present due to the way Almansur works. Quoting the Almansur manual:

“The number of days needed to conquer a territory without a fortress is equal to the total population of the territory divided by the army/armies size. Militia troops will only contribute with 1/5 of their numbers towards this size. The result will then be affected by the difficulty of the terrain, so it will take longer to subdue the same number of inhabitants of a high mountain than it would in plains. The loyalty of the inhabitants will also affect the time needed to subdue them.”

Therefore, since resources are only won at the beginning of a new turn, the ideal situation is to split up your armies such that you conquer the maximum amount of territories just before the new turn begins. It also allows the player to quickly build the required infrastructures on all the newly conquered territories and frees up your armies for further commands which can be executed immediately, rather than having to end for the conquest attempt to end.

For example, assuming a turn is 30 days (which it often is) and you are attempting to conquest an territory with a total population of 20.000, then you would need 20.000/<ArmySize (not counting militia)> days to conquer it. Since we want it to be ours just before the turn ends, and considering the time of moving into the new territory, we would want our army to conquer the territory in about 23 days.

Therefore, the size of the army we should send to conquer the territory is

20.000/23 ~= 870 troops!

So, when you want to conquer new territories fast, simply calculate how many troops you will need to win it slightly before the new turn begins (<TerritoryPopulation> / <ConqDays>), split your army into those many troops and send them to conquer that territory, repeating until you are out of new territories to conquer or out of troops!

After each turn passes and territories switch owners when you are in war with someone, remember to always check Economy -> Facilities -> Upgrades and Downgrades tab, as it is very likely your enemy, knowing he could not keep the territories he got from you, is trying to downgrade your facilities in that territory, which could be devastating! After you know what facilities are being downgraded, you can simply cancel the downgrades through the “cancel downgrade” button in the bottom of the downgraded facility info page.

Conquering Fortifications is a special topic, as they work quite differently than conquering normal territories. They are extremely costly and take a long amount of turns to build so usually the ones you will find during an Almansur multiplayer game will be the level 1 Fortress on the capital of a player.

Even this level 1 Fortress will be hard to assault however; you will usually need more than 6000 army size worth of infantry and at least 6/8 conquer orders in order to take the fortress. The reason why it is so hard is because the army defending from the fortress gets huge bonuses from doing so, on top of the huge bonuses the race gets from fighting on their best suited type territory (the capital’s territories are always well suited for battles of the race their land belongs to).

Thus and because a land can only produce armies out of territories with populations of its race, it is very common and effective to have armies of a certain race attacking the capitals of other enemy players of the same race in order to obtain new recruit centres for their race’s armies.
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Re: Conquering Territories: How to be Almansur’s Ghengis Khan

Postby windock » Wed Nov 04, 2009 12:55 pm

The number of days needed to conquer a territory without a fortress is equal to the total population of the territory divided by the army/armies size.

Does this mean that power of army doesn't matter for conquering territories? And so sending 10k not trained and hungry skirmishers is better then 1k elite foot knights?

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Re: Conquering Territories: How to be Almansur’s Ghengis Khan

Postby Woah » Wed Nov 04, 2009 1:00 pm

It matters but haven't been able to exactly ascertain how yet, just that when sending a huge amount of zero training armies to conquer a territory the result wasn't exactly what I'd expect.

Maybe PSantos could be of help here as well? ;)

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Re: Conquering Territories: How to be Almansur’s Ghengis Khan

Postby psantos » Wed Nov 04, 2009 10:43 pm

Army power is just an heuristic for comparing army..., well, power, between races. It is calculated from each contingent characteristics, but is not actually used in the simulation.

To conquer a territory, the size of the army is what matters, as long as they are not militia. Militia is only 20% as effective in conquering territories.

But note that conquering causes attrition to the army, and untrained armies lose many troops to attrition. This causes their numbers to go down, and so can delay conquers.

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Re: Conquering Territories: How to be Almansur’s Ghengis Khan

Postby Woah » Thu Nov 05, 2009 1:13 am

So in practice, to conquer a lot of territories fast make a lot of the cheapest non-militia armies available and train them for one turn to avoid too much attrition on conquers (which is pretty steep on untrained armies from my experience last game).

After that turn they should have 1 exp bar and be ready for conquering territories without losing too much numbers in the process.

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Re: Conquering Territories: How to be Almansur’s Ghengis Khan

Postby psantos » Sun Nov 08, 2009 9:22 pm

That sounds like a good strategy. Skirmishers and bowmen are the most suitable to that task for humans, usually. Don't be carried away, because food consumption can be high using this "fast-conquer" strategy...

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Re: Conquering Territories: How to be Almansur’s Ghengis Khan

Postby Woah » Sun Nov 08, 2009 9:55 pm

Yeah, my Barbarian playing ideas revolve a lot around that as barbarians are highly availiable for recruit (like orcs) and UNLIKE ORCS (the one bad thing about the race military wise!) they actually require very little iron, so you can really get an instant 12000 barbarian army just like that if you want, something that never happens with orcs due to iron shortage.

Of course the disadvantage is that their army quality is really bad, even their best armored contigent is worse armored than the worse armored orc contigent, which means they die as fast as they get recruited.

Now, this is bad for field battles as even if you win most of the battles due to barbarian's insane morale (best of all races overall for cost) you will almost always lose much more armies than you kill - hello 4000 uruks defeating 20000 barbarians in a barbarian capital in the last Dynamic Cap :P

However, it may be REALLY good for an strategy I tried, with pretty bad or ambiguous at best results in that same game with orc, splitting all the armies and conquering like 10 territories of the enemy while he conquers one or two of yours with his overwhelming main army.


Because they are very cheap to make, so even if you (and you will) lose most of your armies in the process, you will be inflicting some casualties to the enemy and lower your barbarian armies upkeep cost, which is most of their total cost anyway!

Enemy has to decide whether to press on the barb lands and lose all of his's FAST, split his army and pursue the marauding barbarians all over, or retreat with everything to safeguard his lands without risking his main army.

Now this may work with barbarian because their armies require insane gold and food for maintenance, but VERY low iron, guess what, gold and food is what you get in loads with this strategy as you will conquer a lot of food producing territories / mines / taxes so even if you give that army you just send away for lost you can probably make another almost as big in a single turn after the conquest and either keep marauding the enemy territories or reunite your now-even-bigger army for the final showdown!


Because orcs rely a lot on the almight uruks, which are in a VERY SHORT supply per turn. In large amounts they are almost invulnerable in any territory but it takes a lot of turns to get them to "large amounts" which means you really cannot waste them if you want to win games as an orc player.

Besides the limited uruk availabiity issue the problem is that even the cheapest orc army (orc hordes) required 4 iron to be build, four times as much as barbarians's standart contigents which really limits the amount of orcs you can recruit per turn.

Plus orcs's mines aren't really productive either, so, unless you are receiving insane amounts of iron every turn from your allies you won't be able to make many armies every turn (compared to a Barbarian, that is, you will still always be able to do more than most other races) which means wasting them is a big NO-NO since they aren't easy or fast to replace.

PS: Or you can simply do it old-school and just crash a massive army of your own against the enemy massive army suffering massive casualties in the process and just make that many more troops next turn, really, anything will do depending on situation :P (splitting is a great way to win time when you are in a disadvantage head-on, going head-on is the best way to go when you are the one who has the advantage as you crush the enemy's powerbase immediatly).

PS2: The great danger of this tatic is that if the enemy advances on your capital and you lose the battle he can simply camp it such that you can never get reinforcements and simply use his newly recruited armies and the leftovers who aren't needed to camp enemy capital to reconquer his own territory, so it is really important that you consider all possibilities before doing anything really.

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