what kind of strategy do you choose and why

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what kind of strategy do you choose and why

Postby Nadine » Wed Dec 01, 2010 5:15 pm

Greetings! 8-)

I am currently studying Almansur strategies, and i think the best way is to ask directly the player itself :)

What i wanted to know is what kind of strategy you choose during the game, if this strategy depends on something
(territory, alliance etc ...) and if there are important elements that must be met to win, for example: you must have 5 lvl2 farms and 10,000 of gold..., for this strategy to succeed.

thanks for your help! 8-)

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Re: what kind of strategy do you choose and why

Postby fsantosa » Thu Dec 23, 2010 10:57 pm

The strategy depends heavily on the race.

In fantasy games Orcs and Elves should take the initiative by attacking other players (barbarians are a particular good target initially for elves and humans for orcs (before the humans have time to build cavalary).

Dwarves should conquer the high ground, increase mines and bid their time, trying to ally with elves or orcs.

Humans should avoid early battle and increase farm and ironworks to quickly build some cavalary.

Of course, detect the less active players and attack them early.

There are also "green players" which obviously don't know how to play because they make stupid investment decisions (rec centers outside fortresses, cities in territories with little population). An aggressive player should try to attack them quickly. However I often try to ally with them so that they have a chance to learn a bit about the game. But that's my soft heart...

Specialization is important. Do you want a strong cavalary army to control the plains? A lof of infantry for assaults? I like armies that are more specialized as opposed to ones with a bit of everything.

Good luck for your study.

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Re: what kind of strategy do you choose and why

Postby deepblue » Wed Dec 29, 2010 1:10 pm

the strategy depends also in your ability to read the game.

are you nº2 or 3? try an alliance with the other player, against nº1. in a previous game there was a guy going really huge. some guys made an alliance with him. they will never get to nº1...

try an alliance with some of your neighbors. don´t go to battle with your left neighbor, without knowing what your right neighbor is going to do.

if i see someone in war, i choose. going after my neighbor when he is weak, our help him to catch the other guy land.

mainly, to talk and find allies is vital. and if the other guys are playing alone and in silence, better.

also i never crush new players. we want them to stick to the game, if they loose fast they give up.

about the resources, i choose from game to game. before upgrading i try to predict how many turns are we going to play. above level 3 only in really big games. you need more than 15/20 turns to have profit...

also i try to keep some resources in stock. i never start a major war without a good supply of food and gold. in games that go to 80 turns, from the middle of the game i'm always with 10.000/15.000 gold. from turn 10 i try to keep about 500 food.

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