Winter in Almansur?

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Winter in Almansur?

Postby psantos » Sat Jan 01, 2011 12:08 pm

One of the interesting things that playtest of the historical scenarios revealed was that the campaigns in Almansur run at about five times the speed of the historical campaigns.

For instance, the conquer of Lisbon, which historically, against what can be considered in Almansur an inactive or bad player, took 12 years, from 1135 to 1147. In Almansur, the whole Hispania scenario is decided long before that.

There are many reasons for this, of course, but an important reason is that historically the military campaigns had a yearly cycle where the large armies were disbanded on winter, and only the core professional troops were kept all year long. The main problems, besides the economical ones, were food supply, rain and snow, and the lower temperatures which could provoke Frostbite and other problems. Also, mountain regions would become impassable.

The question is if the introduction of the winter factor can improve Almansur, and how to introduce it. What I thought was

Winter effects:

1-Territories affected by winter would have:

1a-Their difficulty (which affects crossing time and conquer time) increased
1b-Food Production reduced in half

2-Armies in territories under winter effect would have increased status loss and attrition, unless:

a) In garrison OR
b) In rest in friendly territory

Note that it will be possible to put and take troops in Garrison in and out of Fortresses

Winter Duration:

December-January in territories lower than 1500 meters;
November-February for territories above 1500 meters or to the North of Europe;

Of course, winter military operations would still be possible, but they would need more careful planning, which adds another strategic possibility.

I would thank some thoughts on this possibility from the players of Almansur.

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Re: Winter in Almansur?

Postby zemaria » Sat Jan 15, 2011 7:16 pm

I think winter will be interesting for veteran players, but maybe confusing to newbies...

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