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conquering time

Postby lost » Thu Jan 06, 2011 10:08 am

One of the things that I like less on this game is the time required for conquering an territory.

From what I see 2K trained men can conquer anything on this game:
Example1: in one of the map playing ORC and elf army of 2K men conquered a deep swamp of 80K pop in 15 days (with green loyalty).
Example2: In another game a 350 Heavy cavalry conquered a 35K human territory in 10 days (with lower loyalty orange)

In my opinion game speed for battles moving armies across territories etc his ok but for conquers is not ok. Conquers should take long time I would say 2-3xtimes more than the actual values. Also constructions in terrain should have a boost in loyalty and hardness of people on being conquered (higher income better local troops meaning higher difficulty to be conquered).

Also why armies only take 1 day to try an assault to an fortress?

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Re: conquering time

Postby psantos » Sat Jan 08, 2011 2:47 pm

The number of days it takes to conquer a territory is basically dependent on the size of the army (number and power), the population (size and loyalty), and the difficulty of the terrain.

For 2K troops to be able to conquer an 80K loyal population territory in 15 days, those troops would have to have a lot of power and be efficient in that territory.

If the loyalty is very low, that means you just conquered a loyal land and/or the territories population race does not like your race. In this case, the other army is "liberating" the territory, and this is much quicker. Also, if a territory changes hands several times, then it is much easier to conquer it, because the loyalty gets lower and lower.

Treating fortress assaults is very difficult. Historically, a well defended fortress could hold months or even years, while a ill-defended fortress could fall in one day. Examples are Calatrava and Santarém, both conquered in 1147. That is why in the game it only takes one day to prepare an assault.

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